Hello there.
My name is Gclick Tha Clicker and I want to officially welcome you to my humble abode.
I honestly do not know the right English adjective that would succinctly describe me but I do hope these few words explain who I am and what I stand for.
I am a:
Digital marketer
Copywriter/content writer
Entertainer (yes, I’m a singer and songwriter)
Businessman. I am the CEO of Clickerpalace.com
Sounds strange, huh?
I have an irresistible penchant for Music, writing, making money (online), and living a free life so I created this blog to enable me to share/document my daily life experiences with you on topical issues, including entertainment, performing arts, writing, making money through the internet and general insights about life.
There’s absolutely no feeling as enthralling as the one I get from sharing these awesome experiences with you. It’s my earnest hope that you’d find something useful as you surf through my palace.
Do enjoy your stay as I look forward to having you again tomorrow.
You can leave me a message via email, @admin@clickerpalacace.com, or connect with me on WhatsApp at +2348164768984.
Always feel to leave a message in the comment section and I’ll be glad to reply.

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